4 Features to Add to an Inground Pool

4 Features to Add to an Inground Pool

Are you planning to remodel your swimming pool? A few touch-ups on the structure and design of your pool can bring out a fantastic look. Not only do the features improve the pool but also enhance the appearance of your entire backyard. Below are elements you can include in your in-ground pool to transform it to a new, fun-filled experience.


If your pool deck area is on a higher level than the water surface, you can add a waterfall using natural stones. Locate the source of water and surround the area with multiple levels of rocks. The water should flow towards the pool creating a small waterfall. This idea is perfect for standard-shaped and free-form pools.

Deck Jets

Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which specializes in inground pool designs in Chicago, says, “Deck jets add a fantastic design to your pool without much alteration.” The jets need to be placed strategically to perform well. You can get more creative by getting fiber optics for illumination. Additionally, you can install wind sensors to turn them off during extremely windy conditions. Depending on the size of your pool, you can place as many jets as you want. However, you ought to leave part of the pool for ease of access.

LED Lights

A pool without appropriate lighting can turn out to be dull. Depending on the design, every pool deserves adequate lighting that matches the particular style. Not only do the lights light up the pool when it’s dark but also enhance the design of the pool. A bright, distinct color of light can create a whole new look to your standard pool.

A Hot Tub

How about having a small part of your pool as a spa? A hot tub can be an excellent relaxing hub after a long day at work. With the help of pool professionals, you will need to get a portion of the pool and install a heating system. If your pool structure is hard to alter, you can build a small extension for the hot tub. With the health benefits it brings along, a hot tub is a brilliant addition to your standard pool.

Well, the good thing with pool additions is that you can customize them to match your style. A little creativity and a few resources can transform your pool to a state you never imagined. Think of waterfalls, deck jets, a spa and some LED lighting for a change of style.